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Breeding Since 2001

When Bettyann and I married in 1973, I was definitely not on Laddie’s “I like you” list. As time passed, he became more tolerant, and of course he mellowed with age. He lived to be twenty years old. During his declining years, we purchased Tippy, a sable male, so he would have company when he passed on, that perked Laddie up immensely and Tippy was five when Laddie crossed Rainbow Bridge.


Tippy lived to be fourteen, and again during the declining years we greeted Boot’s, a sable male, into our household. By this time it was the late nineties, and our neighborhood was declining. We moved to our present location in early Y2K (2000).


While garage sale’ing out at the old house, someone saw Boots and asked if we would adopt a sable female named Jasmine. As strange as it may sound, that’s about the time we began to breed Shetland Sheep Dogs


Pictured here is our first Sheltie Family with Jasmine on the left, and Boots on the right. This litter is also featured on our home page, and marks the beginning of our exciting adventure.


As time passed we acquired more dogs, which eventually evolved into breeding AKC registered Shelties. The histories of our current dogs can be found under the adult banner on this website. Our original breeding plan has never changed; we breed solely to supply quality pets to compassionate families at a reasonable price.

It seems that we’ve always been involved with Shetland Sheep Dogs one way or the other. In the late sixties Bettyann received a gift of a Sheltie puppy from her brother. It was a black and white male named Laddie. The dog was purchased mainly for the children, and became very protective of them.