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A Biography

She was also rescued from a dubious future with a family that was about to have their first baby. Because Sandi is a very active and playful dog, they were correctly concerned about the possibility of harm befalling the expected baby.

Sandi is the dominant female; this was established during her first few days in her new environment. She is a very active dog, and loves to play catch, either with a ball, or squeaky toy. Her and Jasmine play together all the time. When one or the other becomes lost, or misplaced, the other goes hunting for their counterpart. The game that they seem to enjoy the most is Bark and Chase. This game eventually came to an end when Jasmine left to pursue a new mission in life in November of 2005.

Sandi's main job is Doorbell Monitor. This entails monitoring the doorbell, and sounding the alarm if it should ring. It's almost as important as the watchdog position, because we may not hear the doorbell (it could happen). It would be a real pity if we were to miss a door-to-door salesperson.

As of this writing, Sandi has had several litters over the years with Boots, Marley (not one of our dogs), and Dusty. It's odd that a couple of litters have been all boys or all girls. We've discovered that girls are a lot less destructive as puppies, than boys. The boys seemed to like to chew baseboards, and walls. Don't ask how they managed to chew a hole in a flat nursery wall. Luckily drywall is easy to repair.

Sandi retired from motherhood on January 1, 2009, at the age of eight. These days she basks in the sun and enjoys all the benefits that retirement entails. She will not be giving us any more puppies because she asked to be spayed as a condition of her severance bonus. She will always be remembered as an exceptional Mother who would care not only for her own brood, but others that were in need of nursing and nurturing as well.

As mentioned, Sandi had a litter of puppies with Marley, a lovely male Sheltie that lives not far from us. This litter of four was tragic as two of the puppies died straight away. The third died at four weeks, the cause of death wasn't determined. And the last of the litter, Holly, died in an automobile accident at twelve weeks. We had hoped to keep Holly, but it wasn't meant to be.

Sandra Dee

Sandi came into our family in late 2001, she was the latest to join our Sheltie group at that time.